PJ Library


PJ Library already serves over 60 families on Vancouver Island!

The Jewish Federation of Victoria and Vancouver Island, in partnership with PJ Library, is excited to bring the PJ Library program to Victoria and Vancouver Island – including the Gulf Islands adjacent to Vancouver Island.

Each month, subscribed families will receive a beautiful, free children’s book or CD rooted in Jewish values, culture and tradition.

There is NO COST to be a part of this program!

This is a gift from the Jewish Federation of Victoria and Vancouver Island, Jewish Federations of Canada, and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation.

The program is offered on a “one-book-per-family-per-month” basis for children ages 6 months to 8 years of age.  If you have more than one child, it is recommended to sign up for the youngest child or for an age grouping between the ages of your children as appropriate.  The following descriptions of each age level will help you pick what is right for your family:

Apples & Honey:  Ages 6 months through 2 years:  Simple pictures and concepts, often in the form of sturdy board books.

Bagels & Lox:  Ages 2 through 3:  Books with eye-catching illustrations, predictable language and action.

Challah Toast:  Ages 3 through 4:  Slightly longer stories with predictable plots and more detailed illustrations.

Dates & Almonds:  Ages 4 through 5:  Longer stories with more advanced vocabulary and character development.

Egg Matzah:  Ages 5 through 6:  More nuanced stories including fantasy, folktales, Bible stories, and realistic fiction connecting to children’s daily lives.

Falafel:  Ages 6 through 7:  Imaginative storylines imbued with rich language featuring folklore and tales from different time periods.

Gefilte Fish:  Ages 7 through 8:  Increasingly complex stories with plots that twist and turn; some picture-book biographies and engaging historical fiction.

Hamantaschen:  Through Age 8:  More sophisticated narratives to encourage meaningful discussion with older children;  some historical fiction and story collections.

When signing up, you will be prompted for the dates of birth for all children in your household.  When more than one child who is eligible for the program is submitted with an application, your household will be flagged for a follow-up email or phone call to confirm your selection from the above age levels.


For more information,

please call the Federation

office at (250) 370-9488,

or visit www.pjlibrary.org.


CLICK HERE to sign up online!

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