Constitution and Bylaws


The name of the Society is the Jewish Federation of Victoria and Vancouver Island

Society.  Hereinafter referred to as “Federation.”

The purposes of Federation are: 

  1. To fund qualified donees as defined by the Income Tax Act of Canada.
  1. To provide or to support, for the benefit of the public:
    • lectures on educational, cultural, or religious topics of interest to members of the Victoria and Vancouver Island Jewish community;
    • artistic, cultural, or educational events representative of the Jewish people within the region, and elsewhere;
    • activities educating both Jewish and non-Jewish children about Jewish religion and culture, and about other religions;
    • educating Jewish and non-Jewish religious communities and the general public on Vancouver Island about Canadian laws and programs that protect minority rights.
  1. To serve the Jewish Community of Victoria, Vancouver Island, and Gulf Islands by:
    • acting as a representative of the Jewish Community of Victoria, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands;                                                              
    • coordinating and implementing fundraising to finance services and activities of the Jewish community, locally, nationally and internationally;
    • coordinating, planning, and supporting social, educational, cultural, health and welfare programs and activities;
    • developing leadership in the Jewish Community of Victoria, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands;
    • maintaining communication and co-ordination with various organizations and individuals concerned with the welfare of the Jewish Community;
    • supporting the integrity of Jewish communities locally, provincially, nationally and internationally, with particular regard for the State of Israel.

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